Chalk Couture Holiday Catalog

chalk couture catalog

 Chalk Couture Holiday Catalog

The Chalk Couture Holiday Catalog has been released. As always, Chalk Couture Corporate succeeded in creating a lot of ohhhs and ahhhs with the Holiday Suite 2018 release.


Independent Designers and customers alike, are delighted with the return of some familiar favorites. I know am particularly excited for several of the newest selections. These trendy new designs not only give guests and Designers plenty of festive choices for decking the halls, but DIY gift giving choices, as well. Vintage transfer designs as well as modern, ‘fun’ fonts and designs, will have guests excited to get started on their DIY gifts. These Chalkology Transfers offered in the newest Chalk Couture Holiday Catalog make for a joyful time spent holiday crafting.

A deep satisfaction of making gifts by hand can start with a stroll through the 2018 Chalk Couture Holiday Catalog. Working with Chalk Couture products will not only facilitate personalizing your holiday gifts, but will also help to save money. With proper care, the silk screen transfers can be reused several times before ‘retiring’, making the cost per project much less. With several colors and surfaces from which to choose, each gift could actually be personalized for the receivers.

Chalk Couture Tutorial Videos


chalk couture tutorial videos

I am finally jumping into making Chalk Couture Tutorial Videos. Being on camera has always been a bit intimidating to me.  Chalk Couture tutorial videos are a significant priority for me now.  My confidence is growing, therefore my trepidity becoming less and less of a scary thing for me. So here I am sharing my first video with you.

 Chalk Couture Tutorial Videos

In this video, I decorated a small surface purchased from Dollar Tree with our Fawn colored Chalkology Paste and the Roam Where You Want To Transfer. To get notifications when new tutorials are added, please follow me on YouTube.

Do you love to craft? I invite you to join my new Facebook Group, Artsy Fartsy Friends  where you can share your own craftsy projects and just hang out.

talk chalk to me - jana zuercher - chalk couture designer - that chalky gal

Benefits of Taking Creativity Breaks

creativity breaks - longevity - chalk couture - jana zuercher -artsy fartsy friends.

According to scientists, Creativity Breaks are more important than we realize for success and longevity.

Studies have shown that taking creativity breaks relieves monotony and potential boredom. Additionally they breed confidence, enhancing problem solving abilities and productivity.

creativity breaks - productivity - longevity


Taking creative breaks away from everyday processes often  leaves one feeling refreshed and accomplished. Exploring your own creativeness can be a pattern interrupt from the mundane in your week. Channeling your own ingenuity or creative prowess could inadvertently lead to discovering better solutions and increased productivity in other areas of our lives.


Creativity Breaks and Longevity


creativity breaks - chalk couture - crafty - creative


Though those are all very good reasons to participate in creativity breaks, taking time to explore your creative side with any type of creating  seems to have some life altering benefits.  While researching the validity of these claims, I discovered an informative article “Creativity Predicts a Longer Life” published by Scientific American.


creativity breaks

Even the smallest of projects can get the neurons going.


“Taking time to exercise our brain in creative ways is beneficial in keeping our brains healthy and running properly, which is one of the most important, aspects of aging successfully—a fact shown by creative persons living longer in our study.”

“Individuals high in creativity maintain the integrity of their neural networks even into old age,”

“The researchers found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased mortality risk.”

Nicholas Turiano, now at the University of Rochester Medical Center is quoted throughout the article.


my top 5 creativity break reasons

MY TOP 5 Benefits of Taking Creativity Breaks


5. When I get my crafty ‘mojo’ going  I easily transcend into my “own little {happy} world”.

4.  I  forget about the daily grind and therefore can relax and rejuvenate. 

3. Creating, with my own hands,  makes me proud.

2. Creating takes me on vacation.   

1.  Using my hoard of crafting supplies, bit by bit, releases me of any restraints for purchasing MORE!

Join Our Craftin’ Group ~ Artsy Fartsy Friends

Chalk Couture & Watts of Love

Chalk Couture & Watts of Love

When I first joined the company,  I had no idea of any corporate philanthropic endeavors  or of the Chalk Couture Watts of Love campaign. Discovering that Chalk Couture supported the non-profit, green and sustainable initiative of Watts of Love made me realize that my decision to begin this new journey was indeed a wise choice. Through education, support and guidance, Watts of Love helps poverty stricken communities to help themselves to move toward a more sustainable future and therefore leading to a successful break in the cycle of generational poverty.

chalk couture philanthropy- chalk couture - philanthropy - talk chalk to me dot com - that chalky gal - jana zuercher designer

Watts of Love is such a clever name for this organization. Solar Lighting is a leg up, but it comes with a helping hand and education to help the community grow more economically successful, as well. Learn how Watts of Love empowers communities with knowledge.

Watts of Love

Watts of Love – This Little Light Of Mine from Watts of Love on Vimeo.

This Little Light of Mine is the perfect Chalk Couture Transfer for the Watts of Love program.

watts of love- this little light of min- chalk couture stencil - jana zuercher - that chalky gal

Chalk Couture Watts of Love

watts of love- chalk couture designer - jana zuercher - that chalky gal

From the Chalk Couture Website ……

“Join Chalk Couture in brightening the world we live in – one Transfer at a time! We’ve partnered with Watts of Love, a remarkable organization providing solar-powered lights to families around the world without electricity. You can help switch the dark to day , thus improving the  health, safety, and prosperity for these families – just by purchasing this Transfer! For every “This Little Light of Mine” sold, Chalk Couture will donate $2 to Watts of Love. Let’s share our light! Pairs well with Framed Boards (9″X12″), Box Frame (9″X12″), and notebooks. “

In addition to the Chalk Couture Watts of Love donations,  we can individually donate to Watts of Love from our website. There are several choices for different donation amounts. You will find the donation links on my replicated website.

Chalk Couture Watts of Love Donation Button - jana zuercher - designer - talkchalktome dot com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for stopping by…..



Chalk Couture Kickstarter – how it all began

The Chalk Couture Kickstarter Video popped up in my YouTube suggested videos feed and it made me think about how much the company has grown since its beginning. I don’t know how many Independent Designers there are across the Nation, but a few months before I joined Chalk Couture, I had heard over 10,000 during the first year. Wow!

At first I thought that maybe I had waited too long to jump on this adventure, but soon after, my alter ego  – this lesser known analytical person spoke up and reminded me that with around 326 MILLION peeps in the U.S. that number equated to approximately 32,600 Chalk Couture Designers to each person in our population.

That 32K sounds like good odds to me, but when I think about it more I realize that not all of those Designers have joined to build a business. It gets even better! Many people join Chalk Couture just so they can take advantage of the AWESOME 40% discount on personal and inventory purchases. SAY WHAT? Yep, it is true.. FORTY… FOUR-0, 40% DISCOUNT! And if someone orders directly from my corporate replicated website.. I earn 25%.  This numbers are completely mind-blowing to me, coming from other companies that only offered 20-25% discount.
Watching this Chalk Couture Kickstarter video makes me want to kick myself for not starting sooner. But as the saying goes, “Better late than never.” There is so much room for growth. I still think of Chalk Couture as a ground floor opportunity

Chalk Couture Kickstarter YouTube Video

This has been such an exciting beginning for me. The Chalkology Paste and Couture Ink are such a joy to work with with any type of crafting.  I love that I am able to combine it into all aspects of my crafting and gift making. It is like having two separate businesses in one.  I am able to offer workshops/classes but may also sell my completed project at vendor events and in my booth space. How lucky can a Chalky Gal get?



Back(pack) to Business Chalk Couture

WOW…I am loving this new Back(pack) to Business Chalk Couture new designer promotion. August is beginning to wind down. Kids are back in school. Soon, school sports will be filling our calendars and cooler weather chillin’ our bones. August is the perfect time to start something new and Chalk Couture has my vote. As if our amazing new designer starter kit wasn’t perfect already, Chalk Couture has added a bonus purchase opportunity for this beautiful, blush colored backpack. Currently, this is ONLY available to new Designers. Take a look in this short video with Christine from our Corporate office.

Given the opportunity, I would be gladly be handing over my debit card to purchase this blushing beauty, but for now I’ll just be super happy for our new TEAM members that get their hands on this limited offer.

Now let’s get real. Having the opportunity to add such a hecka-cool bag to a new adventure is like.. uh.. AWEsome, but the starter kit itself is packed full of an impressive haul of total craftiness, as well.  Whether you are looking for some new ‘tools’ to ‘up’ your creativity or wanting to earn extra craft cash for your crafty habit OR looking to start your own business, Chalk Couture might be the right fit for you. Want to know more? Let’s Talk Chalk!
talk chalk to me - jana zuercher - chalk couture designer - that chalky gal

Let’s Get This Party Started

Chalk Couture JouRney

Chalk Couture Paste - Jana Zuercher -Designer - talk chalk to me dot com

Thank you so much for following along with me as I begin my Chalk Couture Journey. Normally, I am a fast start, let’s-get-this-show-on-the-road kind of gal, but family always comes first. I couldn’t wait to become a new Chalk Couture Designer and knew I wanted to join on Independence Day (a little personal, ironic symbolism here), so I joined knowing that it would be a few weeks for me to actually begin. As my commitments and projects fell into place, I (not-so) patiently waited until I could actually begin to become best friends with my new Chalk Couture Designer Kit.

Chalk Couture Chalkology Ink - Jana Zuercher - Designer - talkchalktome dot com

I am no stranger to chalk paint or direct sales, but Chalkology Paste and Inks are horses of a different color. So that is where MY Chalk Couture party starts, learning about the products and how to use them. My philosophy is that it is always so much more fun if you take a friend along on any learning journey. So… guess what? You are along for the ride!
These two lovely ladies share the benefits and differences between our two very popular products, Chalk Couture Ink and Chalk Couture Paste.

Comment below and let me know what you think.

Chalk Couture Starter Kit

Chalk Couture Starter Kit

Finally! I can announce my new adventure. I am a new Chalk Couture Independent Designer. On July 4th, I decided to make a statement of Independence and join the ranks, as many friends have before me. With the baby shower and other large project at the forefront of July, I didn’t even open my starter kit until the very end of July.
Now that life is getting a little back to normal, I have been dabbling a bit here and there.  Chalk Couture is quite different than my past companies. The avenues for income are a bit more varied than what I have experienced before. I am mostly limited by my own imagination (or lack thereof). The Chalk Couture New Designer Starter Kit is very reasonably priced at $99. Your starter kit arrives to your front door  with over $240 in Chalkology Pastes, Chalk Couture Transfers, a very nice Apron (that is comfortable for even this big ol’ gal) and much more to get you off to a great beginning.

Your Chalk Couture Starter Kit will include: 

1 Designer Start-Up Guide 1 Pack Of Thank You Cards (12) 1 Chalk Couture Apron 1 Small Squeegee 8 Chalk Transfers (Various Sizes) Create (A)  Have Courage (A)  Ask Me How (B) Established Wreath (B) Explore More (B) Farm Sweet Farm (B) Vision Board (B) Club Couture Chalk Transfer Of The Month (B) 5 Chalkology Pastes (3 Oz. Jars)   Currant Jam  Garden Herb Peacock  Storm White 1 Aiden White Chalkboard (9” × 12”)  1 Boutique Board (10”, Round) Please reach out to me with any questions you may have or let’s connect through FACEBOOK.   jana zuercher- chalk couture- independent consultant

Baby Shower and Soon-to-be Grandma

Because of geographical challenges , I chose to host my daughter’s baby shower last month. Showers have changed somewhat since the days of my own baby showers a few (cough) decades ago. I am not going to lie, as I was searching for ideas on my most favoritest website of all.. the MOTHER of creativeness ….all bundled nicely in an exquisite search engine of top-notch creativity. Of course, you KNOW I am speaking of Pinterest! Love me some Pinterest. If were no other reasons at all to be on any social media, the big “P” would definitely keep this old lady chained to the interwebs.

Through this search, I discovered that I could have SECRET Pinterst boards. Shhhh.. I can hear you chucklin’ all the way here in Kansas. Yes, I have learned the wonderful ????? of going into stealth mode on Pinterest.  I don’t normally need to keep secrets. Most that know me, know I ‘blab’ a LOT. So for that reason alone, the secret boards were quite helpful in my preparation for this event. I mean.. seriously, I had to have a least a few surprises for Mom-to-Be.

Hundreds of pins later, I finally had a skeleton of ideas for invitations, decor, shower games, and of course food. Pinterest allows me to dream and collect all of the clever ideas  to categories of beautiful “this”and “thats” that will soon have,everyone  ooooooing and ahhhhhing over my creative prowess.  Sounds simple but then about a month prior to the event, it is time to decide which of the 273 ideas you have pinned are you actually going to implement.

I  have never been very good at prioritizing and most often cannot make up my mind in such matters. Either I want it all or want to do it all.  There was the cake pops and petit fours I wanted to make, The candy bar, the 3 different flavors of punch. Tea Sandwiches, veggie cups, and more. Did all of that happen? No. Everyone said our ‘treats’ were delicious, yet wanted to crawl under the table once I tasted the tortilla rolls. (Lesson learned, less is not more and my thin layer of cream cheese needs to much thicker. Even so, I was pleased with the presentation of it all. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend were Champs at staging all of the food.

The vegetable cups received the most ‘praise’ of all the refreshments.

Baby Shower Candy Bar



The baby shower decor that I was most proud of was the backdrop behind the  food. The entire family had a hand in this. Hubs made the stand out of PVC for me. The boyfriend, hung  the floral ring I made,  as  our youngest fluffed all of the valance parts..



One of my Pinterest finds was the set of Baby Blocks. They were constructed from shipping boxes and shipping paper purchased from Walmart. I then cut the letters on my Silhouette Cameo. Washi Tape and Ribbon served as borders. Unfortunately, they did not travel well to the hotel and looked a bit like they had ridden in the bed of the truck.



There was a diaper  and book raffle for those that brought those along with their gifts. I have a thing for vintage suitcases but I just never seem to do anything with them. I did however paint one of my smaller cases and lined with wrapping paper (fabric would have been better) and added a few silk flowers That coupled with the architectural piece and monogram looked nice together at the entrance of the room.



One of the highlight of the event, was the headband making table. Even the kids enjoyed it.





The Gift Table. Another Pinterest find.


All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon and people seemed to have a good time and I only had a couple of Pinterest “Fails”. So all is good in this grandma’s memories.




Welcome to My New World

Welcome to my brand new website.

For the past six months, I had to sit ‘quietly’ after leaving my prior business. Six months of pondering what was ‘next for me’… wondering what best suits me for this new chapter in my life… and most of all where is it that I want to go from here. There are so many opportunities on my bucket list that I am going to have to start knocking them out in pairs. I don’t have all the energy that I once had, but I still have dreams, and ideas of what my life could still be after settling comfortably into my empty-nester role.

One thing that has been definitely decided is that I will seek new experiences and learn new ways of being creative. Using the remembrance of learned lessons in aligning my thoughts and guiding me to move forward with my adventures and to create a new destiny .

As you join in on my conversations, please keep in mind that I often ramble.. most likely will have grammar and spelling errors, accompanied with just plain ol’ everyday typos. Perfection is not in my vocabulary nor in my desired outcomes. Beauty shines best in the inevitable imperfections of life.